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These Classic Cars Will Make You Want To Remortgage Your House

Cameron Eittreim September 1, 2022

Photo Credit: Ford

Ford Mustang GT390 Bullitt $3 Million

The Ford Mustang GT390 Bullitt was the car that made the Mustang name famous in the movies. You probably heard about the Bullitt, but seeing one in person is not as easy. The car was a limited production run, and the only thing that makes it noticeable is the forest green paint job and the unique pinstripe up the side. The Bullitt remained an integral part of the Mustang heritage and a car that Ford has revived over various generations of the car (via Work & Money).

Photo Credit: Auto WP

The Ford Mustang GT390 Bullitt will go down as one of the most notable Mustang models of all time. The amount of design and engineering that went into the car further cemented it as a classic. When it comes to Ford and the Mustang, there are few cars as noticeable as the Bullitt.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Shelby GT 350 R – $3.85 Million

The Shelby GT 350 R is another muscle car that has come a long way in its development. The notable design of the car and the one-of-a-kind performance separated it from the pack. The Mustang was not considered a high-performance muscle car, but when the GT 350 R hit the market, that attitude towards the Mustang changed. The Shelby GT 350 R was considered a groundbreaking performance car for both Shelby and Ford (via Work & Money).

Photo Credit: Pinterest

The Mustang GT 350 R was unlike anything else on the market at the time. Take one look at the paint job, and it’s evident that this was not a run-of-the-mill muscle car. There was a lot to like about the Mustang, and the main thing was the excellent performance and the almost never-ending line of special edition models like the GT 350 R.

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