17 of the Rarest Muscle Cars With Single Digit Production Numbers

By vukasin

There are many articles on the internet about rare muscle cars. It is a fascinating topic that has captivated every car enthusiast’s imagination for decades. But, most of those articles talk about Cobra Jet Mustangs, Yenko Camaros, Hemi Cudas or Shelby GT500s, which are rare beasts, but they still produced them in several hundred or more copies.

But, today, you will learn about something a bit different. These are the muscle cars with single digit production numbers. These are the ultimate rare finds of the muscle car world. In fact, they are so rare, most car enthusiasts are not sure they even existed. As you will see, most of the cars on this list are Hemi-powered models, but not all.

This is simply because the Hemi engine option was rare and expensive back in the day. It was available on a range of Plymouth and Dodge models, but some are rarer than others. So, keep reading to learn about these virtually unheard of vehicles.

  1. 1970 Chrysler 300 Hurst Convertible: One Example

Everybody knows about the legendary Chrysler 300 “Letter Cars.” This was a series of high-powered coupes and convertibles they built from 1955 to 1965. However, in 1970, they produced a special limited edition, the 300 Hurst. Chrysler built it in limited numbers at around 500 coupes with the help of the famous transmission company, Hurst. It featured a special white and gold paint job and similarly styled interior.

And better yet, they integrated a rear spoiler into the rear deck lid. Under the hood, there was the mighty 440 V8 engine that produced 395 HP. It could propel this two-ton beast to respectful acceleration times. But, for promotional purposes, Hurst only built one 300 Hurst Convertible. Most car fans believe it the rarest muscle car in the world.