16 Innovative Chevrolet Corvette Concepts

By Vukasin Herbez
16 Innovative Chevrolet Corvette Concepts

Ever since the first Corvette saw the light of the day back in 1953, this model is famous for its cutting edge approach, as well as innovative materials and features. The first Corvette was the first fiberglass production car they ever made. And soon, the Corvette models gained other impressive components like fuel injection systems, independent rear suspensions and disk brakes.

However, although the production cars were always interesting, this list will concentrate on the concept cars and prototypes. Ever since the first Corvette concept from the ’50s, this model has managed to shock and amaze car enthusiasts with a brave approach and bold designs. So here are the best Corvettes that dreams are made of.

  1. Corvette Corvair

Although they used the Corvair nameplate for Chevrolet’s economy model in 1959, in 1954, it premiered on the interesting and cool-looking Corvette coupe. Just to remind you, those early Corvettes were all roadsters, so a coupe ‘Vette was a big deal. However, despite looking like it was ready for production, a Corvette Corvair just wasn’t in the cards. Sadly, Corvette customers never got the chance to buy this sleek, attractive coupe.

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