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Exploding Auto Trends That Will Shape The Future Of The Car Industry

Cameron Eittreim March 10, 2022

Photo Credit: Edmunds

5: One-Touch Command

You want things at your fingertips, and the automotive manufacturers understand this. Having one-touch commands in a car is crucial nowadays, with the push to be more comfortable. Whether it’s your electric seating or the controls on the radio. One-touch commands will make all the difference in the world (via Forbes).

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You could drive a car all day, but if you are fiddling with the commands, it just takes away from the joy of driving. Since more cars use some sort of smart car system, it has never been easier to get one touch command out of your car.

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4: Automotive IQ Guides

Automotive manufacturers are making cars more advanced than ever. These IQ guides are just one of the ways engineers determine how the car will respond to you. At any given time, a modern car has dozens of different computer systems working simultaneously. These systems work together to ensure a safe driving experience (via Forbes).

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You know that cars will get more advanced as time goes on. These systems are designed to protect you in a crash. They also help the car achieve better fuel economy and a more well-rounded driving experience.

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3: HOD Car Service

On demand car services are growing like wildfire. These services are designed to put the driving experience at the palms of your hands. These on-demand car services can do everything from getting a ride sharing services to booking a rental car. There is no reason to do face-to-face transactions anymore (via Forbes).

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Automakers are trying to make the car buying experience friendlier than ever. The same can be said for renting and anything else that you need. If it involves a car, there is a good chance you will use an HOD car service at some point in time.

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2: UI/UX Concept Design

Automakers are trying to make cars that appeal to everyone, and that means digging deeper into the UI/UX design language. They want to build cars that can do everything you need. Designing friendlier interiors is also important, because drivers spend more time on the road than ever before (via Forbes).

Photo Credit: Car Domain

This type of design also centers on the infotainment systems and the interior in general. You’ll notice that every new car is seemingly designed around the driver. If you want to enjoy driving, there is a good chance the car went through this process.

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1: Hankook Roll Out Hexonic Tires

Hankook is a major player in the consumer tire industry. These tire companies are always looking for a better way to service the consumer. The roll out hexonic tires are just one of the new concepts that have come out. In addition to the next generation of run-flat tires, these are an amazing product (via Forbes).

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If you want a safe tire that will transform the way that you drive, these just might be the next best option. Time will tell how Hankook will change the game with these tires. But if you’ve been following the tire market, then you know that more changes will come. This company is always at the forefront of innovation.

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