25 Useless Car Features Automakers Got Away With

By Cameron Eittreim
25 Useless Car Features Automakers Got Away With

Automakers have to make money, and that often comes from the features in a car. The current crop of vehicles on the market has all kinds of new features. But not every one is a good one, and some features are downright useless. Features like heated and cooled steering wheels have raised price tags on cars for years. These interesting but borderline useless features seem to follow each generation of new cars.

Today’s automakers are in a race to see who can build the most luxurious car. Naturally, that means that more features are going to be in play than ever before. Another problem with the rise of electronic features is that it costs more to repair them in the long run. So read on to learn more about the most useless features that have graced automobiles in the last decade.

Car door
via: Business Insider

25. Soft Close Doors

The soft-close door is a feature first introduced on the Acura Vigor. The motivation behind this feature was to save the paint. But if you don’t slam your car doors in the first place, you shouldn’t have to worry about it. The problem with soft-close doors is that the vacuum system in them will eventually break down. As with the Acura, this was a common and fairly expensive repair that would suck owners into a cycle of costly maintenance.

Aston Martin Car Doors
via: Aston Martin

Soft-close doors are among the most useless features in a new automobile. This feature did nothing to preserve the paint and in most cases, maintenance costs were extraordinary. Soft-close doors are a feature you’ll probably never see on most recent cars because they were so useless.

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