25 ’80s Car Features Making A Comeback Today

By Cameron Eittreim
25 ’80s Car Features Making A Comeback Today

The 1980s were a unique time for the automotive industry as the technology was advancing. As with most revolutions in technology and industry, most of these improvements were valiant attempts at change. But there were also a lot of mistakes that came around this period as well. Nevertheless, some of these features were ahead of their time and are making a comeback in the current automotive landscape.

We took a look at some of these classic car features that are making a comeback in 2020. Check out these quirky ’80s features that the cars of the decade had via The Things below.

Mercedes S Class Car Phone
via: Mercedes Benz

25: Car Phones

The original car phones were reserved for the high-dollar clients who could afford them. This was a revolution for the automotive industry as a whole because mobile phones were just in their infancy. The car phone was a particularly special part of the automotive industry because it allowed drivers to experience a sense of freedom. No longer did you have to rush home to check your voicemail.

Internal Car Phone
via: Car and Driver

The initial car phones were clunky devices. After the rise of cellphones, built-in car phones all but disappeared. However, with the advent of infotainment centers in new vehicles, the Bluetooth-powered car phone has become a thing once again and is making a comeback.

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