1982 Maxima
via: Car Domain

24: Talking Interiors

The 1982 Datsun-by-Nissan 810 Maxima was the first talking car ever sold in the U.S. market. The vehicle would tell you things like “Key is in the ignition,” “lights are on,” and “fuel level is low.”. This was a marvel of technology at the time and the Maxima quickly became one of the best-selling cars on the market.

1982 Maxima
via: Car domain

The Chrysler Lebaron would follow shortly after in addition to a slew of other vehicles from the ’80s. As cars became more modern the voice-activated cockpit became a novelty of the past. However, with the advent of hands-free driving, the talking cockpit has made a comeback, evident by Siri and the Apple Car system.

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