10 Worst Replica Cars Ever!

By vukasin

10 Worst Replica Cars Ever

Let’s be honest, not too many of us can afford the car of our dreams, so what do we do about it? The sensible types will probably put it to the back of their minds as it’s just a dream and there are far more important things to worry about. Then there are those who are so obsessed with cars they’re prepared to sell everything they have and live in a cave eating wild berries so they can scrape together enough money for the right ride.

But then there’s a third way (isn’t there always?) which is to buy or build something that looks like the car their heart desires but costs considerably less – a replica. Unfortunately, good replicas can still cost a whole lot of cash, which is why there are so many stinkers out there. If you don’t believe us, check out ten of the very worst replica cars ever right here.

Bugatti Veyron

The Veyron is a thing of legend, and to be fair, this Suzuki Esteem based replica could become a legend in its own right, but perhaps not for the reasons its creator would have wanted. The thing is, if you saw it and it wasn’t explained to you would you even know what it’s actually supposed to even be?

Porsche Who Knows What?

It’s sometimes said by its detractors that the Porsche 911 is really a fast VW Beetle, so it makes sense to use the VW as the starting point for a replica. Well, not in this case it doesn’t, as the end result doesn’t know if it’s trying to be a 356 Speedster, a 959 or anything else for that matter.