20 Replicas That are Better Than the Original

By Vukasin Herbez
20 Replicas That are Better Than the Original

In many cases, replicas are on the tragic part of the spectrum. And many of them often barely look like the cars they are supposed to replicate. No matter how much effort and money went into building it, those home-built kit replicas can’t come close to the quality of the original cars. In extreme cases, the performance isn’t adequate, as well, since most replica builds are often about the looks.

But replicas are a relatively inexpensive solution to driving what looks like a coveted car with roots deep in motorsports history. However, there are some companies so specialized in building replicas, they have managed to improve everything about the original vehicle. Endless enthusiasm and thoughtful engineering fuel these extreme builds. And the results are truly magnificent.

Although their work isn’t exactly a bargain, these replicas are usually more affordable than the originals. And they have a customer base of well-off car enthusiasts who care about driving these fantastic machines. So, which of those mythical replicas are better than their original and more expensive counterparts? Continue reading to learn about the top 20 replicas that are better than the originals.

  1. Pur Sang: Bugatti T35

The Bugatti T35 is the most successful Grand Prix sports car that completely dominated the period between the two World Wars. And it is one of the most collectible classics coming from the factory. Incredibly, Bugatti prices have already gone up to seven-digit sums. So, the price tag makes them out of reach for most speed loving enthusiasts. And add the fact that there weren’t many of them doesn’t help either.

Even though there are many companies trying to replicate the Type 35, none have come nearly as close as the Pur Sang. It is an ex-Argentinean company now based in California. The Pur Sang version of a Bugatti T35 is a meticulous recreation of the original race car from Molsheim. Every part of this car is nearly identical to the original.

However, they have engineered it to provide a more intense, yet authentic driving experience. Powered by a 2.3-liter supercharged straight-eight engine, it produces 150 horsepower. The car weighs just 1,500 pounds, just like the original, too. So, it’s clear the T35 can give you a run for your money on those skinny tires.

Pur Sang also offers detailed replicas of those classic Alfa Romeos and other exclusive pre-war beauties. They guarantee the build quality, giving every owner the experience of driving a classic race car with the perks of modern engineering.

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