25 1960s Dream Cars That Just Weren’t That Good

By Cameron Eittreim
25 1960s Dream Cars That Just Weren’t That Good

The 1960s were a time for innovation and rapid change in the automotive industry. Cars were becoming more advanced and the designs were becoming far more daring. As a result, several classic dream cars arose in the decade.

For much of the auto world, these were some of the best periods in automotive design, but there were also a lot of shortcomings as well. Some of them were like the overhyped muscle cars of the 1970s, while others were not. We took a look at 25 1960s dream cars that just weren’t that great via Automobile Magazine below.

BMW 2002 Tii
via: Car Domain

25: BMW 2002

The BMW 2002 was the first German automobile that embraced the American method of thinking. Cram a large engine into a small package and watch performance shine. Although the 2002 would not outpace a GTO off the line, the car handled twists and turns like nothing else. In addition to that, BMW had cultivated an interior that catered to the driver and was focused on usability.

BMW 2002 Tii
via: Autoweek

The suspension was far ahead of its time and the 2002 was perhaps the best performing sports coupe in the slalom. Unfortunately, there were a lot of drawbacks with 2002 as well, the first of which was its small size. The car just wasn’t suitable for anyone with a family, and this left a lot of potential enthusiasts in the dark. The 2002 had a stellar reputation although the final result was not as good as you may have been told.

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