Ford GT40
via: Ford

24: Ford GT40

The GT40’s hype has stood out about the model since its unveiling. Sure, the GT40 was an amazingly fast racecar that put Ford and America on a world stage. Overall, it is one of the most revered dream cars out there. But when it comes down to it, the GT40 isn’t actually that special. The Ford GT was actually a mixture of recycled Ford technology that was already available. True, the design was revolutionary at the time, especially considering the aerodynamics of the vehicle.

GT 40
via: Ford

But what Ford was trying to do was simply proving relevance in the worldwide racing circuit. The GT40 did just that, hence all of the positive press it received. The actual genetics of the car were still debatable and other supercars proved more potent. Today there’s a modern variation of the GT40 that you can purchase, albeit a different setup entirely from the original.

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