30 Classic Cars That Require Little Maintenance

By Cameron Eittreim
30 Classic Cars That Require Little Maintenance

The classic car market has been expanding in the last two decades. Everyone eyes a classic car at some point in time. Whether you want the car as an investment or it’s been on your bucket list to drive a classic ride, values are going through the roof. But an old car comes with costly maintenance costs.

If you’re ready to take on those bills, then a classic car might be worth investing in. Consumer tastes are changing right in front of us. What was recently considered a used car has now become a classic, and many of these cars are collectibles. Some classic cars require much less maintenance than others. We took a look at 30 “classic” cars that require less maintenance than usual via Hagerty below.

Photo Credit: Mecum

30: Plymouth Fury

Does the Plymouth Fury get enough credit for being fun to drive and easy to maintain muscle car? No, it doesn’t, and that is simply a shame because the Fury was an icon at one point. Not only did the Fury come with the optional Hemi V8 engine that made Chrysler famous, but it also provided lightweight driving characteristics that most other sports cars couldn’t match. The Fury was in production for quite some time until Chrysler hit financial trouble and the car had to be discontinued.

Photo Credit: Old Cars Weekly

Nevertheless, the Plymouth Fury is one of the most iconic muscle cars you seldom hear about. The timeless design of the car made it a great choice for just about anyone who wanted something fun to drive and relatively simple to maintain. Which at the time was the main component of the muscle car era and the movement of new cars.

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