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10 Terribly Parked Cars That Will Make You Question Humanity

Vukasin Herbez March 25, 2017

How do these people pass the driving test?!?

Parking a car is not difficult to do, regardless of what people may think. That might sound like a brash statement, and perhaps there are exceptions when terrain and other conditions make it challenging. Still, it’s definitely not rocket science.

Obviously, factors like driver ability, age, disabilities, etc. can also play into bad parking. Even with all these variables considered, some of these parking fails are simply unacceptable.

Have standards dropped for passing tests? Maybe, maybe not, but there seems to be a growing epidemic of people who simply can’t park cars.

Reverse Fail

Assuming the guy on top was the one doing the fatal parking, this is quite literally ridiculous. As this happened outside a train station in the UK, we can only guess the driver was running late and really needed to catch the train. Choo choo motherf*ckers.

Moving swiftly on…

Video Evidence

This may not appear to be among the worst parked cars ever, yes it’s extremely tight, but in comparison to the other wrecks, it’s not all bad. Well, once you realize how the car came to be in this position, you might change your mind.

Watch as the oblivious blonde fails at parking in a space that should leave half a metre on either side of her Polo:

Awareness Fail

All the way from Calgary, Canada is the Honda that thinks it is a shopping trolley. Although the comprising parts may be of similar quality, they are not the same type of object.

Perhaps it would be understandable if it was hailing golf balls, but realistically there’s no excuse for this level of stupidity and ignorance.

And we are only just seeing the tip of the iceberg, folks. Carry on for more.

Looks Good!

OK, hazarding a guess, I’d bet the people in the Mercedes and Z3 are not members, and the guy in the airborne beemer is. That’s one way to get your point across.

Video Evidence Part 2

OK, if you haven’t seen this clip before, get ready to laugh very hard. It speaks for itself:

You Idiot

Minimal explanation is needed. One car, nothing else in the entire car park apart from that island, and this r-tard totals it.


Amphibious Parking Fail

Not entirely sure why, but I hate that woman in the picture.

Driving Forward Fail

Not even reversing, this woman seems unable to even direct her car forward properly.

You Don’t Deserve a Car

Just, no…


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