12 Furious Notes Left On Badly Parked Cars

By Vukasin Herbez
12 Furious Notes Left On Badly Parked Cars

These are the best kind of parking tickets…

Badly parked cars, they can really get people’s backs up. Usually, the person with the badly parked car is not around for an ear bashing, and so the pen and paper are the next best option.

Parking in handicapped zones, or spaces reserved for veterans etc. infuriates folks, but these aren’t the only parking blunders. As you’ll see from today’s list, all manner of stupidity can effect the human brain while parking a car.

There’s bad parking, then there’s terrible parking, then there’s getting in to the drivers seat backwards and driving with your butt cheeks…

Like a Glove

Some of the notes included on this list are very original. Others, albeit just simply hand written, are equally as effective and furious. If only someone could be present to record the reaction of the drivers when they find the notes.

Although the people writing the parking notes are clearly furious, they often make for some golden reading. The recipients in all the cases, as far as we know, were clearly quite deserving of the notes.

Check out the the top 12 furious notes left on badly parked cars!

Short, concise and unashamedly aggressive. The person who wrote this note deserves an award of some description…

Very Specific…

Someone clearly caught this person on a very bad day. The story behind such an obviously angry note is not available. What’s clear is that whoever wrote this angry note is not a happy camper.

Extra points are awarded for the lovely font selection, clearly this man or woman is a windows XP whizz, and also for the haiku appearance of the note in general.

Worst Case Scenario

OK, so not a note in the traditional sense, but very much worth discussion. Here’s what happens when someone with enough money to own the parking lot takes up four, yes FOUR spaces.

Needless to say this driver would have been a little p*ssed when they got back. Had they just taken the time to only take up one parking space, maybe two at most, they could have avoided the jizz stained nightmare that is now their Mercedes.

Note put on red VW left in a disabled space at the Trafford Centre with no blue badge. Note read ¿Your disability must be mental. ¿I have keyed your car. Idiot!¿ .. Pic from MEN Syndication.. .. Mitchell Henry House.. Hollinwood Avenue.. Chadderton.. Oldham.. OL9 8EF.. syndication@men-news.co.uk


Speaks for itself really. Someone who wasn’t disabled parked in a disabled spot. Not only did the driver get an angry note, but a key scratch for good measure. Unfortunately this tale might just have a sinister twist.

Had the Volkswagen driver simply forgotten their blue disabled parking badge? If so, this mean motherf*cker just keyed up a disabled persons car.

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