25 Car Models That Ford Probably Regrets Making

By Cameron Eittreim
25 Car Models That Ford Probably Regrets Making

Ford Motor Company is regarded as arguably the top automaker in the world. The company has had hit cars such as the Mustang and the Explorer. But like almost every other major company, Ford has had its fair share of flops. Most notably among the cars it regrets making are the Pinto and more recently the Contour.

Ford has done a great job of innovating, and although reliability has waned in recent years, the company is making a comeback. We are going to be taking a look at 25 vehicles that Ford probably regrets. Read up on the worst Fords via Motor Digest here.

1997 Ford Aspire
via: Ford

25: Ford Aspire

The 1990s were dominated by the SUV boom, but automakers also needed compact cars to comply with EPA regulations. The Aspire was based on a Kia platform and was sold during the early part of the decade. Although you’ll notice the car was very similar to the Geo Metro, it never caught on with consumers. The small size and the perceived lack of quality were enough to seal the car’s fate.

Ford Aspire
via: Ford

The price tag was one of the most affordable on the market, but the lack of features and its tiny design just seemed to turn consumers off. The Aspire was one of the many Fords during this period that just never seemed to catch on. Compact cars haven’t bounced back since the Aspire and Metro.

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