1999 Ford Contour SVT
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24: Ford Contour

The Ford lineup during the 1990s was in the midst of a transition as cars were evolving in design. While Taurus was a hot seller for the brand, the company wanted something that was in between the Taurus and the Escort. The Contour was a handsome sedan based on a model being sold overseas. While the exterior design was attractive, the size of the car was much smaller than the segment called for. This created a problem with consumers who were vying for a larger sedan.

Ford Contour - Mid-size car
via: Ford

The Contour didn’t end up selling well even though there was a special edition SVT model of the car. If the Contour had a more viable interior size and style, the car might have sold a lot better. But the proximity to the Escort gave buyers a confused viewpoint of a car that was supposed to compete with the Accord and the Camry.

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