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The Top 5 Bravest Race Car Drivers

Vukasin Herbez March 30, 2019

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Everything that race drivers do is extremely brave. That is their job description. You cannot be a professional racing driver if you are not a brave individual. This is because you cannot be afraid to look into eyes of death on daily basis. Simply, if you are going to race and win, you must be prepared to do whatever it takes.

This means going beyond the limits of your competitors. Race car drivers must push their cars and their characters to challenge physics to be first and get that checkered flag. The world of motorsports is full of brave individuals who put their own lives at risk for stardom. Over decades, numerous drivers have become famous for their bravery and fearless performance. But, dozens of drivers died trying, too.

However, motorsports wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for those brave drivers who jump in a race car and drive the limits of luck at a seconds notice. So here are five of the most interesting racing clips showing some brave moves from various race car drivers. You might think they are crazy, but their on-track performance is mesmerizing. Rally jumps, insane NASCAR passes, and infamous Group B monsters are just some of the things you will see here.

One favorite is the crazy Stadium Trucks footage. Those guys are some of the bravest drivers you’ll ever see. In those races, the driver needs to drift, jump obstacles and drive on two wheels. The also bump and hit other cars, driving as fast as possible to win. So, if you want to win a racing championship, you have to be not just brave, you have to be insane, too.

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