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Remembering The 25 Worst Cars BMW Ever Made

Vukasin HerbezApril 22, 2022

Photo Credit: Auto WP

2. BMW M1

Back in the mid-1970s, BMW thought that it would be appropriate to enter the exclusive sports car market. Basically, BMW needed a halo car, but the company didn’t have experience and turned to Lamborghini. At first, it looked like the deal was a good idea, but Lamborghini didn’t deliver on time, so BMW disbanded the partnership and finished the project by itself. In 1978, the BMW M1 debuted (via BMWM).

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The heart of this sports car was BMW’s famous M88 six-cylinder engine with 3.5-liters of displacement. It had advanced fuel injection, and 273 HP, which was a pretty high number for the standards of the day. However, the customers were unimpressed, although the car was good-looking and fast. In three years, BMW made just over 450 cars. Calling M1 one of the worst cars BMW has ever made is a bit of a stretch. However, the financial hit, and embarrassment this model caused to the brand cannot be ignored.

Photo Credit: BMW

1. BMW 324d E30

Today, BMW sells most models with diesel engines, especially in Europe. The diesel technology proved an ideal match in most cases. The oil-burners can never have the same sound or feel as the thoroughbred six-cylinder engine. However, the start of BMW’s diesel offensive was very modest and in the form of 324d. It was one of the worst cars this company ever produced (via BMW Guide).

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Introduced in 1985, the six-cylinder diesel was significantly underpowered (86 HP), slow and heavy. It was complicated and not very reliable. It turned the light and nimble E30 3-Series into a terrible driving car. Some buyers found it appealing but soon regreted the choice.

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