25 ’70s Muscle Cars That Failed To Justify The Hype

By Cameron Eittreim
25 ’70s Muscle Cars That Failed To Justify The Hype

The muscle car era was full of interesting cars that were extremely powerful and fun to drive. It was a new generation of drivers was looking for something different. When it came to muscle cars, there were so many to choose from, we can often get lost in the fray. Although many of these cars have skyrocketed in value to this day, there was a period in the ’70s when they didn’t live up to the hype.

These cars were extremely sought after, but only became a fraction of what they could have been. This still happens in the automotive industry to this day, but the muscle car era was different. Some of the following are not unlike these cars ruined by crucial mistakes. Read on to see a group of muscle cars that just didn’t live up to their hype via The Drive below.

Buick Gran Sport
via: Hot Rod

25: 1975 Buick Gran Sport

The Buick brand was coming into its own during the ’70s, and most of their cars were very comfortable to drive. But around this period, cars were a lot heavier. With all that extra mass, attempting to create a zippy road car wasn’t going to happen. Buick toyed with the idea of a Grand National long before the car was created.

Buick Gran Sport
via: Car Domain

The 1975 Buick Gran Sport was the very first attempt at a Grand National style car. Unfortunately, with the extra mass, the car was sluggish to drive, and this made muscle car shoppers go toward something else. The resale value on these has begun to spike up, but the performance is still not satisfactory. Especially when you put the Gran Sport up against other muscle cars of the era such as the GTO.

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