King Cobra Mustang II
via: Ford

24: Ford Mustang II

We’re not sure what Ford was thinking with this one. The Ford Mustang II was based on the Pinto, itself a car marred with controversy. The fuel crisis was going on during this period and automakers had to adapt. But the Ford Mustang II was more than just adapting. It was a car that was about as far from the first generation Mustang as you could get. The result was a car that no one wants to this day.

Mustang II
via: Ford

There were some redeeming qualities to the Mustang II such as enhanced fuel economy. However, the car was not as fun as its predecessor, and the personality was all but gone from the original pony car. Compact pony cars were the wave of the future at this point in the automotive world, but the Mustang II was a missed opportunity by Ford.

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