Plymouth Duster
via: Plymouth

38: Plymouth Duster

Who could forget Chrysler’s habit of rebadging the same car over and over again? The Plymouth Duster was based on the same platform as the Dodge Demon. The car had a lot of unique features as well but the new restraints on automakers caused a stir-up. The Duster was produced for six years and in that time period, there were some good additions to the car. The exterior colors stood out from the crowd, but it just couldn’t sway buyers into the Plymouth showroom.

Plymouth Duster
via: Chrysler

In addition to that, the reliability was questionable on the Duster as well. The build quality was definitely faltering when you compare the car to the previous generation. The Duster was quite unique in the fact that it was only sold as a two-door coupe. These cars are a lot rarer then the Dodge counterparts as production was in lower numbers.

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