30 Performance Fords That Dominated The Auto World

By Vukasin Herbez
30 Performance Fords That Dominated The Auto World

Even though the Ford Motor Company is not necessarily perceived as a performance brand, it has produced many models that provided the thrill of going fast throughout its long history. The affordable performance image was and still is very valuable for their brand. Ford did participate and won many championships in racing events worldwide.

Of course, not all performance Fords were affordable, just like many of the greatest Mustangs aren’t today. There’s no doubt the current generation has some incredible performance models of its own. But some Ford performance models of the past were and still are exotic cars, but most of them are obtainable and fun rides. Today, we will look at 30 signature performance Fords that dominated the performance enthusiast market for the last several decades.

Photo Credit: Car Scoops

30. 2020 Mustang Cobra Jet 1400

True Mustang enthusiasts know a Cobra Jet is a big-block V8 Mustang. Or is it? In April of 2020, Ford introduced a Cobra Jet 1400 prototype that further divided the community. Using a legendary name, this iteration of dedicated drag racer is all-electric and faster than ever.

Photo Credit: Motor Authority

Look at the stats – 1,400 hp and 1,100 lb-ft of torque sent to rear wheels can propel this drag racing missile to an eight-second quarter-mile time at an insane 170 mph. This Cobra Jet is set to break some records. Although it’s still in the prototype phase, we can expect that Ford will produce it in the near future and that Mustang fans will get all-electric drag legend to go along with the Mustang Mach E SUV.

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