Top 10 Most Hilarious Car Modification Fails

By Vukasin Herbez
Top 10 Most Hilarious Car Modification Fails

The ultimate collection of car modification fails…

Modifying your ride can often be fun and quite fulfilling, that’s why its a global hobby among drivers. Unfortunately not everyone is able to mod their motors with class, in fact it’s quite often the opposite.

Respect everyone’s ride and their tastes, that’s a given, but sometimes you can’t help but laugh. There’s a thin and oft crossed line between a subtly modified ride and a jacked up mess on wheels.

Sometimes you can’t help but literally laugh out loud at some of the sheds on wheels traversing our roads nowadays. People with tools are a dangerous thing, but if they had brains they’d be damn near lethal.

Today we’ll take a look at when modding cars went wrong, really wrong…

Enjoy our top 10 most hilarious car modification fails…

Apparently the safety rating on this car is considerably lower than when it was standard. I wonder what the insurance company would make of this timber-clad tank…


Yeah, not exactly sure what this is supposed to be. Also, not entirely sure what it used to be either. The stereo on the wooden grill, what appears to be holes in the wooden hood and the lack of win mirrors are all quite alarming. Is that firework cannons I see?

Unless this is actually some sort of abstract art piece, we’re pretty sure this is a heavy mod fail. If you are in or around Washington and see this piece, please obtain some more information!

Firstly-what was the original car, also it would be really fun to find out why the owner decided to butcher it in such a way.

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