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Top 10 Most Hilarious Car Modification Fails

Vukasin Herbez April 3, 2017

The ultimate collection of car modification fails…

Modifying your ride can often be fun and quite fulfilling, that’s why it is a global hobby among drivers. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to mod their motors with class, in fact, it’s quite often the opposite.

Respect everyone’s ride and their tastes, that’s a given, but sometimes you can’t help but laugh. There’s a thin and oft-crossed line between a subtly modified ride and a jacked-up mess on wheels.

Sometimes you can’t help but literally laugh out loud at some of the sheds on wheels traversing our roads nowadays. People with tools are a dangerous thing, but if they had brains they’d be damn near lethal.

Today we’ll take a look at when modding cars went wrong, really wrong… Enjoy our top 10 most hilarious car modification fails…

Apparently, the safety rating on this car is considerably lower than when it was standard. I wonder what the insurance company would make of this timber-clad tank…


Yeah, not exactly sure what this is supposed to be. Also, not entirely sure what it used to be either. The stereo on the wooden grill, what appears to be holes in the wooden hood and the lack of win mirrors are all quite alarming. Is that firework cannons I see?

Unless this is actually some sort of abstract art piece, we’re pretty sure this is a heavy mod fail. If you are in or around Washington and see this piece, please obtain some more information!

Firstly-what was the original car, also it would be really fun to find out why the owner decided to butcher it in such a way.

When wanting to ride in style goes wrong. Let’s just hope this is a very cleverly placed mirror…


What on God’s green earth would possess someone to make such a monstrosity? We can only imagine the man-hours that went in to creating this mutation of metal and rubber. The backdrop suggests some type of trailer park boys setting for the vehicle.

Also, can’t help but wonder if that for sale sign got any takers. Hopefully, the welding on this tank is solid, otherwise, the payload might get spilled. If you, or someone you know designed or currently owns this vehicle, please get in touch.

We’d love to see what the interior is like on this pussy magnet.

Meanwhile, at the worst car in America contest, this dummy is looking to take first place with his retard-mobile…


Do not adjust your set, this is actually real, and really horrible. Looking like some sort of spawn of a truck and coupe, this abomination can only be described as a trash can glued to a pedal bin with some axles and rubbers thrown in.

Perhaps we are being trolled, but whatever the case, this mutation is an eyesore, at best. One opinion is that it may be a midget transporter, or perhaps the creation of a mad scientist.

Wouldn’t a single, wider tire be far more practical and better looking?

More Wheels Please

What’s better than a Subaru with four wheels? This guy tries to take the next logical step, but fails badly. Additional traction? Yeah, maybe in a straight line, but how much modification is required to make this happen?

Another theory-his is just a really well-timed photo, and a few cars behind there’s a car that’s lost a couple of tires at a stop sign. In reality, though, this is probably a case of someone with more tools than brain cells.

If you know this driver, send them our way, we’d like to scientifically study their brains. Well, maybe just poke fun at them a bit more, but whatever works.

The environment? Is that the thing that starts moving really fast when I put my foot down?

Ford Fail

Coal-powered Ford? Probably easier to maintain than a standard Ford engine, and less troublesome. Typically a diesel-powered ford is not an unusual sight, but this takes things a step, or two, further.

You only need to glance at the surrounding scenery to guess where these guys come from. OK, so maybe we are being a little insensitive, but come on, they were asking for it!

We’ve heard that Corvettes are guzzlers, but this is just ridiculous.


What the f*ck is this sh*t? Why would anyone want to do this to even the crappiest car, let alone a god damn corvette? We all like to think of our favorite cars as monsters or beasts, but it should not translate into toothed grill modifications.

Although we do like the sentiment on this one, there is such a thing as taking it too far. We can’t imagine what gain there is to be made from this mod. Perhaps it is just a looks thing.

Can’t tell if this guy is trolling, or just that stupid. Ride height goes up, street cred and likelihood of getting laid go WAY down…

Chassis For Days

Twin chassis? Sounds good man, let’s put them on top of each other, and don’t forget the minimum height restriction for drivers is 9 feet tall. Resembling the truck version of a bunk bed, this mod is both strange and surely impractical.

Aside from going through water, there’s surely no need to do this to your vehicle. And from that viewpoint, there are much easier ways of elevating your ride than doubling up on the chassis volume.

One thing is for certain, though, you couldn’t drive this tank if you suffered from vertigo.

Customer to salesman: I’d like a vehicle that is absurdly disgusting, one that will literally hurt people’s eyes on sunny days, and will be grossly expensive to maintain. Oh, and I want wheels that are like 85 inches. Salesman: wait right here…

Ah, Bling Bling, Motherf*cker

Tasteless, unnecessary and offensive to the eyeballs. This is a growing trend right now, but for the life of me, I can’t figure out why. Manufacturers are constantly trying to evolve designs of cars, but nobody churns out motors to look like Kanye West’s watch.

Also, there is absolutely no gain from having wheels that are taller than most teenagers. Looking like this is clearly some sort of fashion statement. Unfortunately, to most people, it just looks like an out-of-proportion mirror with wheels.

Yes, f*cking way, let’s hope this numb skull finds the Pokemon, and it eats the silly asshole alive…

Pretty much…

When Pokemon is life, you are pretty much dead already. When I’m out and about in my car, the last f*cking thing I’m thinking about is Pokemon. In fact, I never f*cking think about that childish sh*t.

Why in gods name would you want to take a perfectly good car, serviceable and standard, and plaster kid’s f*cking cartoon sh*t all over it?

They say you can tell a lot about a person by the car they drive. This person is a rusty, unnecessarily loud pile of sh*t…

We Give Up

OK, so perhaps this car is representative of a sideways look at the Mad Max-type world we are rapidly decaying into. The rust, the dirty rims and the horn-LED combo suggest this car owner is more of a lunatic than a sensible road user.

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