30 Ultra-Fast Fords That Drivers Forgot About

By Vukasin Herbez
30 Ultra-Fast Fords That Drivers Forgot About

In all of car history, there hasn’t been a bigger, more comprehensive racing and performance program than Ford’s, “Total Performance” project during the ’60s. In those days, Ford produced, raced and promoted numerous performance cars, all of which have become legends and winning championships all over the world. After Ford discontinued the Total Performance program and the recession killed the company’s racing aspirations, they continued to produce performance cars for various markets.

Ford never abandoned the idea of affordable performance cars. For the next few decades, they introduced some inexpensive yet exciting models that captured the imagination of the public. Drivers may know about the infamous Mustang and similar models, but there are a lot more performance cars from Ford that drivers forgot about. So here are 30 ultra-fast Fords that got lost in the corridors of time.

  1. Ford Escort RS1600/RS2000

When Ford introduced it in 1968, the Escort Mk1 was a compact, rear-wheel-drive saloon aimed at family buyers. The basic version used the forgettable 1.1 and 1.3-liter engines. But for those who wanted more, Ford offered the 1600 RS and RS 2000 models.

Those cars had special suspensions, special engines, lots of power and low weights. They were capable of defeating much more expensive cars, as well as some proper racing monsters. The RS Escorts were perfect rally cars, battling on the muddy back roads during the ’70s and ’80s.

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