Watch: These Drivers Walked Away Alive from Certain Death Crashes

By Vukasin Herbez
Watch: These Drivers Walked Away Alive from Certain Death Crashes

Unfortunately, car crashes are a reality of motoring. Something could happen, even if it wasn’t your fault. However, car safety has come a long way since people started driving. Even so, accidents are still common.

To be safer, always wear a seatbelt. Also, don’t drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol. And avoid texting while driving, too. Always pay attention to the road. Here are some videos featuring people who survived a gruesome accident unscratched.

There is no scientific explanation for how these drivers managed to survive. But, they did. Here is a compilation of five interesting yet intense accident videos. Watch how these crashes happened and how people escaped injury. You’ll see a drag car exploding in a middle of a race.

You can’t see the driver, but he walked away from the accident. He even managed to hold the wheel straight the entire time. Although these drivers weren’t physically hurt, they probably needed therapy, because being close to death and miraculously surviving can shake one’s mental health. And that may require professional assistance. After the therapist, these drivers may want to thank their guardian angels for being there that day.

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