30 Expensive Car Mods That Are Completely Useless

By Cameron Eittreim
30 Expensive Car Mods That Are Completely Useless

The market for automotive customization has grown exponentially since the earlier days of the automotive industry. Automotive accessories account for a major part of the market and what we spend customizing our vehicles. Some of these accessories can improve performance and exterior appearance while others are expensive but still downright useless.

The feeling and joy of owning a new vehicle can make it addicting to start personalizing. However, many mods are illegal or simply a waste of money. We took a look at 30 expensive mods that are still somehow useless via Goliath below.

Photo Credit: Mopar

30: Oversized Spoilers

From the advent of the original “Fast and the Furious” movie, too many drivers wanted to “rice” out their Honda Civic or Acura Integra. One of the most obvious ways to do this was with a giant spoiler. There is no real benefit in slapping an oversized spoiler onto the decklid of your car. You are going to have to drill holes into it and eventually remove the spoiler at some point. An oversized spoiler won’t give you better gas mileage either.

SRT HellCat
Photo Credit: Mopar

Although the tuner’s look and feel can be addictive, don’t take it overboard. Nothing is worse than seeing a car that looks like it was pieced together on the road. You aren’t going to increase your speed by turning your car into a life-size Hot Wheel.

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