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10 1970s Sports Cars Actually Worth Buying & 20 As Bad As You Remember

Cameron EittreimApril 26, 2022

Photo Credit: Edmunds

2: 1970 Marcos Mantis

There are quite a few sports cars that came out in the 1970s that didn’t deserve to see the light of day. The 1970 Marcos Mantis is one of these cars. The design of the car is bad enough, but performance was also lackluster at best. There was nothing remotely appealing about this car (via Hagerty).

Photo Credit: Edmunds

Just the naming of the Mantis should have been enough to send drivers running for the hills. The car was perhaps one of the worst planned sports cars of the decade. Car enthusiasts who know their stuff try to avoid this thing at all costs. There is no value in the Mantis.

Photo Credit: Edmunds

1: 1975 Bricklin SV-1

Gull-winged sports cars are all the rage. There is just something about these cars that invoke your inner spirit. But the 1975 Bricklin SV-1 is nowhere near as cool as the famous gull-wing sporting cars you’re used to seeing. This was a concept car that went into production way too fast and didn’t offer anything in the way of value (via Hagerty).

Photo Credit: Edmunds

While the styling of the car was alright, it just didn’t attract consumers enough to justify the price tag. The car sold poorly, and you’ll seldom see one around anymore. There were much better sports cars from this era.

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