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The Most Amazing Truck Driving Skills Ever Caught On Video

Vukasin Herbez November 6, 2018

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We have already shown you a video about Russian truckers and their dangerous accidents, as well as the world’s bravest truck drivers. However, this time we will show you the most amazing truck driving skills. These drivers prove that not all truckers are crazy or reckless drivers. And some of them are real magicians at the wheel. They are capable of maneuvering the big rigs in extremely difficult and tight conditions, too.

Driving a big truck is tricky since they are at least five times bigger than a car. Also, trucks are heavier and tougher to maneuver than ordinary cars. After all, when you drive an 18-wheel semi, you are the biggest thing on the road. All other motorists are tiny when you compare them to your truck.

So, the real skill of a truck driver is not the ability to drive long hours without rest or cross the continent two times in a week. The real skill is when the driver is capable of sliding the enormous vehicle in tight places and maneuver in urban areas. Truckers need to park and unload without any problems. And most of them make their truck as nimble as an economy car.

Today you will see several drivers who are so skilled, you won’t believe your eyes. Those drivers can park, move and drive their vehicle like in a computer game. They don’t just avoid traffic and save their loads. They can turn their trucks and change direction in extremely difficult places. This crash video may make you want to avoid a truck driving job, but many people would like to sit behind the wheel of a big rig and drive across America.

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