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Strange Cars That Defined The ‘Space Age’ Era of The 1960s

Cameron Eittreim February 27, 2023

Photo Credit: Edmunds

AMC AMX Project IV

AMC doesn’t get the credit that it deserved for the muscle car era. American Motors had quite a few well-known muscle cars on the market at the time. This interest influenced the design of cars, which became very different and unusual. The space race and science fiction inspired these cars and showed new and advanced engineering and design (via Street Car Mag).

Photo Credit: Mecum

The AMC AMX Project IV was a unique car from the 1960s. It had a wedge-shaped design with a sharply pointed nose and a low profile. The car featured gull-wing doors and a powerful engine that could produce up to 340 horsepower. However, the car never went into production. Instead, AMC used it as a concept car to showcase its innovative design and advanced technology.

Photo Credit: Hagerty

Ford Gyron

The Gyron hit the auto show circuit in 1960. It also had only two wheels and looked like a flying saucer. Electricity powered it and could go up to 100 miles per hour. The driver and passenger sat side by side in a glass bubble that covered the top of the car. The car had never been put into production, but it was a very interesting idea for a car that could have been used in the future (via Jalopnik).

Photo Credit: Edmunds

The flying saucer design of the Gyron broke the mold for design. Additionally, the self-driving feature was exactly what the future of driving was going to hold. Although there were a few other concept cars from the same era, however, it was the Gyron that pushed the envelope of what technology was. Although the Gyron hit the auto show circuit back in the ’60s, it was quite an impressive feat of technology and engineering.

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