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Real Drivers Share Stories Of Getting Ripped Off By Car Dealers

Cameron EittreimApril 13, 2021

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4: 2005 Honda S2000

Honda’s S2000 was a fun roadster that made its debut in 2000 to much fanfare. These cars have recently started to soar in value, and Reddit user tkthedk spoke his nightmare about trying to buy one. “I was in the market for an S2000 before the Doug DeMuro tax kicked into effect. I went into a used car dealership that had my dream yellow S2000 that’s been freshly detailed and the photos were professionally taken, so I figured why not go check it out?

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“I went about 2 hours out of town to check the car out and there was a small dent on the quarter panel, windshield was cracked all the way through and it was missing a rearview mirror along with some other things. I low-ball the dealership with a reasonable low-ball offer as the car does need a lot of work and they still wanted $17k out the door for it. They even told me that “normally, people don’t negotiate out the door prices for cars.”

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3: Junk Replacement Parts

Parts departments of the auto dealerships are notorious for ripping customers off. Qucikquestionawe revealed what one dealership did with new parts. “Dealership parts department would put a bunch of boxes of the replacement parts that they’d install on the cars. Like the boxes that the shocks, brake pads, etc came in. When I opened the trunk sure enough all the empty boxes were in there.

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“Suggesting that they had replaced all of those components in the car. When I check those components, they were all old. The shock absorbers were old. Brake pads barely had any life in them. And so on. They probably had at least a hundred vehicles on their lot, and every single one had some boxes in the trunk or back seat. Most of them were probably never actually worked on.”

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2: 1997 Subaru Legacy GT

Subaru’s Legacy GT is the unsung hero of the Subaru community. It’s a sedan that offers great performance for the price. longlive289s talked about when his purchase went bad. “Bought a ’97 Leggy GT years ago in May with 150k. Clean car, no mods, bright red. However, it was a kinda weird part of Seattle and the car had some quirks. Removed badges (checked the VIN and still matched), one yellow fog light and one white, few other parts replaced

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“But were original OEM parts so seemed fine. Guy was getting rid of it for $5k with a rebuilt engine 10k miles ago, he had some leg issues so couldn’t drive a manual anymore. He originally was from Vegas and had the work done down there and had the car driven up to Seattle Told him to get me a copy of the rebuild invoice and notes and I’d buy it. His shop emailed my invoice and notes. So I bought it.”

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1: 1999 Volvo S70

Volvo’s S70 has always been an exceptionally well-appointed large sedan. But Reddit user siliconclassics talked about a bad experience. “A year ago I bought a 5-speed 1999 Volvo S70 from the stereotypical shady Craigslist seller – young-ish Russian used car sales dude selling it for someone else in Brooklyn, had it warmed up and ready both times I came to look at it. It had a clean history and complete service records from the original owner, and it seemed ok, so I bought it.

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“A few weeks later I’m driving it and notice the engine sounds louder than normal. Eventually, I get around to checking the oil and the dipstick is completely dry (the level was fine when I bought it). Turns out it burns a quart every 300 miles and by the time I discovered this it was 3 quarts low. But after topping up the oil it ran ok. Around the same time, I discovered that the clutch has a problem when cold – it doesn’t fully disengage, making it impossible to shift into gear from a standstill. The solution is to start the engine with the trans in gear and avoid stopping in neutral until it’s warmed up for 10 or 15 minutes.”

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