5 of the Most Common Car Owner Stereotypes Everyone Knows

By vukasin

Just like dogs sometimes reflect their owners, cars often reflect the personalities of people behind the wheel. It is totally logical since not all cars are attractive to all people. Different personalities look for different qualities in a car. However, over the years, several common stereotypes that everybody knows have emerged.

You literarily don’t need to get to know the person behind the wheel. But when you see the car, you know all about the driver. So here are five of the most common car owner stereotypes and why they are true.

  1. Mid-Life Crisis in a Corvette

The most common and accurate stereotype is a middle-aged guy driving a new, shiny Corvette. Even though Chevrolet tries to present the Corvette as a young driver’s choice, statistics say that the average buyer is closer to 50 years old than 30. The reason is simple.

Most of today’s, 50-year olds grew up wanting America’s favorite sports car. But when they finally saved enough money, their hair got gray and they lost interest in driving fast or taking road trips in the Vette. Still, they bought the car they always promised themselves and now enjoy it on Sunday drives. You can see them cruising through suburbia at 35 mph, listening to a classic rock radio station and counting their days until retirement.