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5 of the Most Common Car Owner Stereotypes Everyone Knows

Vukasin Herbez June 1, 2019

3. Volvo Moms

For decades, since the ’70s, Volvos were considered mid-class suburban mom transportation. Volvo was happy with that label because they sold millions of indestructible boxy station wagons to families all over America. However, first, there were minivans and then came the SUVs that stole Volvo’s thunder.

Even though the modern suburbia driveways are full of uninspiring and dull SUVs, Volvo is not giving up. In fact, they still offer family-size wagons. Still, you can come across moms driving along with kids in the back seat, toys in the trunk and a long shopping list in the passenger seat.

4. Professionals in Porsche 911s

High-paid professionals look for showy cars to fulfill the need to display their wealth by putting on a little European flair. Basically, there is no difference between a middle-aged guy in a Corvette and his pal in a 911. They belong in the same age group and they both drive a sports car. It’s just that the guy in the Porsche is a bit more successful and wants to show off while parked in front of the local Starbucks.

The biggest issue with those people is the fact that the Porsche 911 is one of the finest obtainable sports cars on the market. It’s a vehicle that craves the open road, curvy mountain trail or race track. A dentist, lawyer or architect who is likely to spend his time in a traffic jam and on the phone, isn’t doing justice to this fine piece of German engineering.

5. Tesla Owners

Tesla is an interesting company with an innovative approach and amazingly quick cars, but its owners are an extremely annoying and boring bunch. First, no regular car guy would ever buy a Tesla. It is quicker and full of technology, but regular car guys still want fossil fuel burning and no autopilot. Second, Tesla cars are expensive.

For the price of a regular Model S, you can get a new Shelby GT350 and still be left with plenty of change. Third, Tesla owners are all tech geeks who buy these cars mostly for the gadgets and big tablets in place of the central console. This makes Tesla owners a boring group of rich IT wizards who finally found a car they can adore and the regular car guys can hate.

These are five of the most common car owner stereotypes everyone knows. Have you seen these drivers lately? Are you one of them? If so, no worries, you are in good company.

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