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Fast Sports Cars That Will Only Become More Valuable Over Time

Cameron EittreimJune 27, 2022

Photo Credit: Toyota

2: Lexus IS200

The IS200 has long been a popular car since the early 2000s and its stellar build quality and decent performance were behind that. The IS200 was never going to win any races but that wasn’t the point of the car. Lexus had introduced the model as an entry-level offering to bring more customers into dealerships (via Consumer Reports).

Photo Credit: Toyota

That doesn’t mean that the IS200 is a bad car because with a stick shift it is quite the opposite. As with most Lexus products, the high-quality build and reliability are major selling points. As time goes on and more people want to reminisce about the 2000s, this car will only get more popular.

Photo Credit: Car Gurus

1: Porsche Cayenne

The Cayenne was a popular model for Porsche from the first day it hit the market. It turned out people did want a Porsche SUV after all. The Cayenne has continued to be a successful model in the lineup but original models are relatively cheap when you consider the performance the car has (via Car & Driver).

Photo Credit: Car Gurus

As these early 2000s examples start to become collector’s items, you’ll see the price gradually rise. But if you want something fun to drive and has some of the best performance on the road today, you can’t go wrong. The first-generation Cayenne is an under-appreciated example of fine engineering.

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