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Fashion’s Ultimate Accessories: 18 Best Designer’s Cars

Vukasin Herbez November 11, 2018

In the modern consumerist-oriented world, appearance is everything. As a result, some people dedicate their existence to acquiring more status symbols and fashionable accessories. In this constantly changing society, following fashion has become a full-time job. For over 100 years, cars have been the ultimate fashion accessory. Since the dawn of the automobile age, cars represented status, taste, design trends and much more.

They showed the owner’s character and aspirations as well as their fashion sense. More than anything else, cars were rolling calling cards for their owners. For decades, fashion designers understood this phenomenon and often paired their clothing creations with the latest car models, creating cool combos that became symbols of the times. However, cars and fashion didn’t collaborate until the 1970s.

That was when most marketing experts realized the potential of combining big names in fashion with major players in the automobile world. So here are the 18 most interesting cars that were influenced by fashion designers. You may have heard of some of these cars, but most of them are rare, unique and worth collecting.

  1. Dodge La Femme

The La Femme wasn’t designed by one particular name from the fashion world but by several fashion designers. Dodge hired them to dress up the standard Custom Royal Lancer to attract lady buyers. It was a one-year model they designed to accommodate makeup, a pack of cigarettes and a mirror since they were the usual contents of a lady`s purse back in the day.

The color choices were pastel to match the dresses of that year and women’s tastes. Even the seat upholstery featured specially-designed patterns. The reason for creating this model was that Dodge management realized women buyers were becoming more common. They realized most cars were designed and marketed only towards men.

The girls’ model looked appropriate, but even if that idea had perspective, Dodge failed to invest in marketing, TV and magazine ads. So, most buyers never realized they had the option of La Femme model.

  1. Renault 4 Parisienne

The first proper car they designed in cooperation with a name from the fashion world was the Renault 4 Parisienne, which they introduced in 1963. The Renault 4 was an affordable economy car and a practical model with an unusual station wagon-like body. But mechanically, it wasn’t anything special with tiny engines and diminutive power. However, it sold well as utilitarian transport and company car.

Renault decided to ask the famous fashion magazine, Elle, to create an interesting, better-equipped version to spark interest from fashionable people. They named it the R4 Parisienne and it was mechanically identical to the standard model. But, it had a different paint job, unique trim, different interior and the option of a full canvas top. Soon, the Renault 4 wasn’t a poor man`s transport, but a fashion statement. In fact, it became the perfect street décor of Paris in the ‘60s.

  1. AMC Gremlin Levi`s

AMC introduced the Gremlin on April 1, 1970. And most people thought the AMC Gremlin looked like an April`s fool joke. The competitors laughed at its compact dimensions, funny rear end and diminutive engines. But soon, AMC was the one smiling all the way to the bank. The Gremlin proved to be a sales success and the first American subcompact car.

To keep it interesting and draw attention from the buyers, AMC introduced numerous special editions and versions. But, the most interesting was the Levi`s edition they designed with the help of famous denim company. The Gremlin Levi`s was fully trimmed in denim, along with its signature stitching and rivets.

They covered the seats in Levi`s denim as well as the doors and other pieces of the interior, as well. The outside was in the signature blue color and the car had special badges.

  1. AMC Hornet Gucci Sportabout

They presented the AMC Hornet in the early 1970s. It was a popular compact car they produced in several versions. It looked modern, had decent engine choices and was affordable, as all AMC products were. However, the company decided to give it more flair with the introduction of a special edition Gucci model.

With the help of the Gucci designers, the Hornet wagon was given special makeover which included special paint, trim and hatchback rear end instead of the classic tailgate. The interior was full of special touches like a reading light, pen and glove box with playing cards. Also, you could order a full set of custom luggage with Gucci colors to fit your Hornet Sportabout.

  1. Lincoln Continental Mark V Bill Blass Edition

After the successful Mark III and IV models, Lincoln presented the Mark V, the ultimate luxury coupe in 1977. Although a bit smaller than its predecessor, the Mark V was still a big car with a long hood and massive bumpers and grille.

With a standard 400 V8 or optional 460 V8, it wasn’t the fastest car on the road. But it was comfortable and good looking. Also, it had cool Opera-style windows in the back and the signature spare wheel bump on the trunk lid. But the biggest news was the introduction of four separate designer’s editions named by the biggest names in fashion in those days.

The first one was the Bill Blass Edition, which had a dark blue exterior with a matching blue or white vinyl top. They marked the Bill Blass edition with special options and a plaque on the dash. They sold the Blass edition through 1979.

  1. Lincoln Continental Mark V Cartier Edition

Next in line to the 1977 to 1979 Mark V special editions was the Cartier, which they presented in cooperation with the famous luxury house. The Cartier editions were recognizable for their gray or light champagne exterior and darker vinyl roof. And it came with special features like a Cartier clock on the dash and other fancy touches.

  1. Lincoln Continental Mark V Givenchy

Lincoln wasn’t satisfied with just two special designer editions, so they introduced two more. And one of them was the Givenchy, which featured a dark jade exterior in metallic or dark blue for 1979. Also, it had the combination of a special light brown/tan vinyl roof. Of course, Givenchy also had several interesting details, interior color choices and color-coded wheels.

  1. Lincoln Continental Mark V Pucci

The rarest of the all four special editions was the Mark V Pucci the famous fashion designer Emilio Pucci designed. This car was also the only one to be available in three separate exterior colors, black, silver and turquoise metallic with a contrasting vinyl roof. They produced the Emilio Pucci edition in around 4,000 examples because all the other special editions were more popular.

  1. Cadillac Seville Gucci

The 1975 Seville was shocking to some Cadillac purists as the first downsized Caddy ever and an affordable luxury car. But it was an extremely smart move by the company and one of the best U.S. sedans of the late ‘70s. The Seville was elegant, perfectly sized, and reasonably powerful. Also, it came with a long list of options and trim choices, including an interesting Slantback body style and even a Gucci-themed trim package.

Cadillac introduced it in 1977. The Seville Gucci was available in several colors, all with the signature Gucci-trimmed interior, special Gucci luggage and elegant exterior insignia. It was a bit over the top, but buyers expected that from those late ‘70s Cadillac. And today, the Gucci edition is a highly desirable piece of car and fashion history.

  1. Ford Thunderbird Fila

Even though the end of the 1970s marked the end of special designer editions, Ford offered such a model in mid-80s in the form of the Thunderbird Fila. They produced it in cooperation with Fila, the famous sports gear brand. Available in white with red and blue accents, the T-Bird Fila was a regular model with a 3.8-liter V6.

However, it came with several unique touches like a digital display on the dash. Also, the customers who decided to buy the 1984 to 85 Thunderbird Fila received a Fila sports bag with a beach towel, sun visor, headband and wristbands. It was an ‘80s kit to match the car.

  1. Jeep CJ 7 Levi`s

Similar to the AMC Levi`s edition, the 1977 to 1979 Jeep CJ 7 was designed by the famous denim company. The Jeep was mechanically identical to other CJ 7s or Renegades, but it featured a special two-tone paint job, exterior insignia and of course, a full denim interior.

The Levi`s Jeep had seats in denim along with stitching, as well as the door cards and several other parts of trim. The Levi`s CJ 7 was particularly cool since you could remove the top and everybody could see your custom interior.

  1. Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 Roadster Versace Edition

They produced this car in just two examples to celebrate Milan Fashion Week and to promote the Lamborghini and Versace brands. Basically, it was a standard Murcielago LP 640 Roadster dressed in special white paint with a black and white interior. The only exterior difference was special details behind the front license plate and at the bottom of the doors, which are signature Versace design patterns. They offered this car for sale at $1 million, making just two of them.

  1. Nissan Pathfinder by Marc Ecko

Back in 2006, Nissan teamed up with Marc Ecko, the creative force behind the famous Ecko brand. The result was two special vehicles, the Pathfinder and Armada which Marc designed. Even though most people would consider them a bit tacky by today`s standards, the cars got much attention back in the day. As expected, there were no mechanical changes, but just a wild paint job, inside and out, and several unique details.

  1. Fiat 500 Gucci

The little 500 is a global bestseller, so Fiat was not shy in introducing many special versions. However, one of the most popular was the Gucci-themed one. You could get it as a closed model or convertible with a Gucci-painted roof. As expected, there are no mechanical improvements over the standard model. However, there is a set of Gucci details in the interior, as well as Gucci striping on the outside.

  1. Range Rover Evoque VB

When they introduced the Evoque, car buyers went crazy for its compact size and plush interior, along with all the signature Range Rover features. However, the company wanted to go a step further, so they asked Victoria Beckham to present a special version they called the VB. The Evoque VB was available on selected markets and featured a unique paint scheme, special leather interior and high gloss finish. The combination was popular in the special VB fashion line, which combined prestigious materials with shiny details.

  1. Bugatti Veyron Hermes

One of the most exclusive and expensive designer editions was the Bugatti Veyron that the exclusive French fashion house, Hermes, enhanced. They left the mechanics untouched, preserving the car`s insane 1,001 HP rating. However, they re-did the interior in special leather that matched the paint job. Also, the Hermes edition has special wheels, a few unique details and a price tag of $2.4 million. Also, they only built four of them.

  1. BMW i3 Mr. Porter

Mr. Porter is a high-end shopping chain for the most discriminating customers looking for style and quality. With such a reputation among fashion experts, BMW asked their design team to present a special i3 model. The car is hand-painted in a special dark blue color with several discrete details. It is also available with a special “Essentials Travel Kit” that includes a camera, umbrella, brand-name sunglasses and a bowler hat.

  1. Mini by Paul Smith

The Mini is perfect for fashion designers since the car begs to be customized and turned into a fashion statement. New and old Minis were often chosen for special versions, but the most memorable is the one Paul Smith designed back in the late ’90s. Mr. Smith gave it special details like custom blue paint, wheel arches, and unique rims. as well as a special luxury interior. They built over 1,800, most in blue, but some in the rainbow-like multicolor paint, which is popular with Mini collectors.

These are fashion’s ultimate accessories and the 18 best designer’s cars out there. If you want one of these beauties, you’d better move fast since most are hard to find. With one of these cars, you could be the envy of your neighborhood.

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