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The Fastest Cars In The World & How Much They Cost To Own

Cameron EittreimJune 8, 2022

Photo Credit: Edmunds

2: Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut – 330 MPH – $2,800,000

There are very few brand names in the automotive industry like Koenigsegg. The company is known for creating out of this world sports cars. The beautiful styling of the car is only the first thing you notice about it. The 1280 BHP under the hood gives the Jesko Absolut some serious punch on the race track (via Throttle Bias).

Photo Credit: Edmunds

Obviously, the owners of these cars don’t generally race them; instead, this is sort of an ego trip. The Jesko Absolut is still a supercar that should not be understated. The beautiful design of the car is by far one of the best on the road and you can’t beat its performance either.

Photo Credit: Throttle Bias

1: Devel Sixteen – 348 MPH – $1,600,000

Maybe you’ve never heard of the Devel Sixteen, but this is one of the fastest supercars in the world. What the Devel Sixteen does right is what many supercars have been trying to do for decades. There is massive power under the hood of this car. It has 2000 horsepower unlike anything else on the market (via Throttle Bias).

Photo Credit: Throttle Bias

If you’ve never driven a supercar, there is no way to comprehend how fast 2000 horsepower is. This is not a street-legal car in any sense of the word, and you can tell the owner has a lot of fun with it. Devel Motors is not a well-known company but this car can hit speeds that almost every other supercar simply can’t.

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