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The Best & Worst Cars That Forgotten Brand Pontiac Ever Made

Cameron Eittreim August 5, 2022

Photo Credits: GM

2005 Pontiac GTO (Worst)

The resurgence of the GTO brand name in the 2000s is probably one of the biggest automotive letdowns in history. Consumers expected something great, and what they got was a rebadged Holden model from overseas. The styling was bland and sedate, especially when you considered the storied history of the GTO brand (via Classic Car Database).

Photo Credit: Edmunds

The GTO would be discontinued shortly after this model year. The car wasn’t the success that GM had hoped for. Consumers were ready for something unique that would hearken back to the history of the brand. But what they got was something that made no sense. The car was nothing like what you’d expect the next generation GTO model to be.

Photo Credit: GM

2006 Pontiac Torrent (Best)

The first Pontiac SUV had a nameplate that an entire generation knew. GM chose to name the SUV the “Torrent”, which was equated with the massively popular file-sharing of a generation. The Torrent was based on the Chevrolet Equinox, which was a new SUV that was the replacement for the Tracker (via Classic Car Database).

Photo Credit: GM

The Torrent did everything right, it was a quintessential upgrade over the bland Equinox model. There were sportier wheels, the body was nicer, and there were quite a few unique paint colors. The Torrent would prove to be one of the better badge engineering jobs that have come out of GM. The sales of the Torrent were also respectable, so although it was not a unique Pontiac, it was a great SUV.

Photo Credit: GM

2007 Pontiac Solstice (Worst)

Right towards the end of the Pontiac brand, GM would choose to release a roadster. The car had all the makings that made the Mazda Miata great. The problem was that it was decades too late. At this point, the Miata ruled the compact roadster market and no other car was going to intrude on that (via Classic Car Database).

Photo Credit: GM

The Solstice was buggy and cheap and there were better options on the market. The car just felt half finished, and that put a damper on the sales. Not to mention the 2008 Recession, which would also spell the end for the Pontiac brand. The GM restructuring effort just didn’t deem the Pontiac brand profitable. The Solstice has since become a rare vehicle that you don’t see often.

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