25 Discontinued Cars People Love to See Back

By Vukasin Herbez
25 Discontinued Cars People Love to See Back

In the automotive industry, it is common for automobile makers to introduce and discontinue various car models. In most of the cases, the news about stopping the production of a model rarely reaches the ears of car fans. But sometimes such news gets a lot of publicity. This usually happens when a car has many fans or is has spent a long time on the market.

However, some manufacturers have discontinued several interesting models over the years. Although they sometimes offer replacements for them, car enthusiasts still miss them and want them back. And if they can’t get them in the same form, they want a modern version with the same character. Most of the cars people want to see back were unique at that time. Others offered special features, advanced designs and powerful engines.

But sometimes drivers simply love them for their quirkiness, strange features, obscure solutions or rarity. Here is a list of the top 10 cars most people want to see come back to their local dealerships. Many people will know the cars on this list. So keep reading to learn about those highly sought-after classics and obscure pieces of car art that make the world a better place.

  1. AMC Eagle

Always flirting with bankruptcy, AMC needed to explore the limits of the conventional car classes and present new concepts to stay profitable. And one of their experiments was the Eagle, a passenger car lineup with a Jeep-derived all-wheel drive. It also had great off-road capabilities in the form of a sedan, wagon or coupe.

AMC conceived it in the late ’70s as their answer to the rising popularity of AWD vehicles and SUVs. They decided to combine their compact sedan and wagon lineup with the tough, proven Jeep AWD system. The result was a surprisingly capable vehicle with the comfort and luxury of a sedan.

The Eagle had compact dimensions, a relatively low weight, and extremely good off-road characteristics. Also, the Eagle was one of the first crossover models in the world. The Eagle was a relatively popular car, especially in areas with harsh climates and long winters. It came with an AWD system as standard. Unfortunately, AMC was losing money elsewhere. They went out of business in 1987, which meant the death of the Eagle, as well. Today, the AMC Eagle is quite rare, but in some areas, you can still find them.

Chrysler Corporation is the owner of the AMC name, so hopefully, some executive will decide to reintroduce the Eagle to the world. AMC could use the same sedan body with the Jeep all-wheel-drive system to achieve better success than the original model. Today, 30 years after they discontinued the Eagle, people can see how influential it was. The Eagle kickstarted the crossover class and nowadays, it is one of the most popular segments of the global market.

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