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Watch: Funniest Police Car Fails

Vukasin Herbez June 7, 2018

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All over the world, police officers are trained drivers and skilled professionals. Their job requires driving fast and controlling traffic. So they must be ready for anything that can happen on the road. But, not all police drivers are good behind the wheel. Most law enforcement agencies won’t admit that every once a while, there is a traffic accident involving a police car.

Sometimes, those accidents happen because the police are chasing bad guys or protecting citizens. However, sometimes it just shows that the officer behind the wheel is a terrible driver who doesn’t pay attention to the road ahead and makes stupid mistakes.

Accidents involving police cars are always fun to watch, even though they must be extremely embarrassing for the police. So here is a list of top five best police car fails. They show bad driving by the members of the police force. But sometimes, they are just plain stupid mistakes.

This video demonstrates that being a police officer requires much more than a driver’s license. It requires a knowledge of the road, extremely fast reflexes and driving talent, which not all officers have. Also, having a badge and patrol car with flashing lights on the top and siren doesn’t give anyone the right to rewrite traffic laws or drive like there is nobody else on the road.

Although police work is tough and stressful, those officers must learn how to drive or the police force will get a bad reputation among citizens. So watch these five best police car fails to see for yourself how they managed to embarrass themselves and the force.

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