25 Chevy Models GM Definitely Regrets Making

By Cameron Eittreim
25 Chevy Models GM Definitely Regrets Making

Chevrolet has long been one of the defining brands of the domestic automotive market. But the nameplate has also experienced its fair share of bad marketing and design mistakes. When drivers look back on failures like the Uplander, they scratch our heads and wonder what the higher-ups at Chevy were thinking.

Of course, the brand has had more than its fair share of successes such as the Camaro and the Impala SS, which became iconic fixtures of the automotive world. We are going to be taking a look at some of the models that weren’t as successful and rank as the worst Chevrolet models via The Motor Digest.

2005 Chevrolet Uplander - Chevrolet
via: GM

25: Chevrolet Uplander

A look at this obscene SUV/Minivan is enough to make you scratch your head. This was a transitional period for GM where the company was attempting to give the minivan market one more whirl. GM never managed to have success in the minivan game, especially when updated rivals from Honda and Toyota came into the mix. GM just couldn’t seem to design a viable minivan that consumers actually bought.

Chevrolet Uplander
via: GM

Nevertheless, this monstrosity was born, and there was nothing quite like it. GM thought that consumers wanted a more “manly” looking minivan so the Uplander was brought into existence. Sadly, the van had a horrible-looking design that was more like a stubby bulldog then an actual minivan. In addition to cheap interior materials and lackluster reliability, the Uplander and its cohorts were DOA.

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