10 Awful Cars That Should Be Destroyed With Fire

By Vukasin Herbez
10 Awful Cars That Should Be Destroyed With Fire

Kill it! Kill it with fire!

Since the first widely available car rolled off the production line in the early 1900’s, manufacturers have tried to catch the buyer’s eye. Whether its with speed and performance, design, economy or innovation, companies do their best to make an impression.

Unfortunately, sometimes they miss the mark, and often by quite a distance. When this happens, we are subjected to some of the worst cars ever seen. Thankfully, this can often be quite hilarious too.

Check out the top 10 worst cars that should be destroyed with FIRE!

Pontiac Aztek

Aside from the crumby name, this lump of poorly designed plastic and metal is terrible for many reasons. Firstly, far more is expected of a manufacturer with the lineage of Pontiac. Square wheel wells are the least of this car’s worries.

Looking at the front end of the Aztek is kinda like meeting an ugly baby. You might lie, but inevitably, that’s one ugly motherf*cking brat. Safety features and carry space were it’s defining features, but really, who cares about that? Housed under that ridiculous front end was the LA1 V6 4-speed auto lump. Bleh.

Motor Junkie rating: Waste of materials.

1997 GM EV1

Do not adjust your sets, this car really is that horrible. GM broke the mould with this doughnut, as it was the first ever mass produced electric car, and the first passenger vehicle to not be sold under one of GM’s branded divisions.

With history making in mind, GM really smashed it, if their goal was to make the ugliest and potentially dangerous cars in history. 450 EV1’s were recalled after a number of fires were started in the charging port.

Expensive to run and maintain, and not profitable for GM, the lease-exclusive vehicles were recalled in 2002. You can now find them in museums and community colleges.

Motor Junkie rating: Poop.

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