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Mystery Muscle: These Strange GM Muscle Cars Will Blow Your Mind

Vukasin Herbez April 10, 2023

Photo Credit: Car Domain

Chevrolet SSR

During the mid-2000s retro craze, the Chevrolet development team came up with a crazy idea to produce a nostalgic two-seater convertible pickup with muscle car performance. The result was the SSR. A vehicle that looked different from any other car on the market, not necessarily in a good way. The 1950s-inspired design didn’t work well, so the SSR looked plain odd (via Car and Driver).

Photo Credit: Super Cars

Despite many efforts to make the SSR appealing to the intended audience, Chevrolet managed to sell just around 24,000 of these oddballs in a painful realization that they needed much more than wild imagination to make that concept work. The SSR wasn’t a Corvette, and it wasn’t a truck. It was simply pointless overall.

Photo Credit: GM

Cadillac CTS-V Wagon

For years, Cadillac was without a proper performance series needed to compete with BMW or Mercedes. But finally, the V-Series arrived. It was all that Cadillac lovers dreamed of powerful engines, world-class handling and suspension setups, and exclusive production. Even the competitors noticed when Cadillac rolled up the brand-new V-Series models (via Car and Driver).

Photo Credit: Edmunds

Under the hood was a supercharged 6.2-liter V8 with 556 HP, making the CTS-V the most powerful performance sedan on the market. Cadillac produced three body styles, and CTS-V could be a sedan, a coupe, and, interestingly a wagon too. However, the wagon body style was something Cadillac buyers should have expected. The car was still a blast to drive and extremely fast. It was just that the majority of the customers turned to sedans or coupes. Some buyers even needed to be made aware that the wagon existed.

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