15 Obscure and Forgotten Chevrolet Models That Deserved Way More Credit

By Vukasin Herbez
15 Obscure and Forgotten Chevrolet Models That Deserved Way More Credit

Established 106 years ago, the American car maker, Chevrolet, is one of the oldest and biggest active car manufacturers. Founded by Louis Chevrolet, a Swiss race driver and William C. Durant, an American entrepreneur, Chevrolet soon became the main division of General Motors as a volume manufacturer. It also became the biggest rival of the Ford Motor Company.

Over the years, Chevrolet and General Motors grew to be the world’s largest car manufacturers. Chevy itself produced over two million vehicles per year alone. Even today, Chevrolet is one of a few companies in the world instantly recognizable in every corner of the globe. It is a brand that has covered almost all segments of the market. Under the Chevrolet name, you can find economy cars, compact models, full-size sedans, SUVs and luxury sports cars.

Chevrolet was always on the forefront of new technologies. One of the most important things this company introduced was the thin-casting, pushrod V8 engine in 1955. It soon became as famous as the small block Chevy V8. This engine is still in production in modernized form. Over the years, Chevrolet produced more than 80 million of these units.

These engines power cars and trucks, as well as numerous boats and machines. People universally praise these power plants as being among the best V8 engines Chevy ever built. All of this means Chevrolet models are world known, popular and quite common. And although this is true, there are still more than a few Chevys car enthusiasts have forgotten about. Those are the cars Chevy produced in low volumes or they sold for only a few years. Some of these cars went out of favor with the public. Read on to learn about the forgotten Chevrolets that are also an important part of Bow Tie legend.

  1. Chevrolet Yeoman

The essence of Chevrolet was always dependable and affordable cars for working people. Over the years, Chevy produced many bare bones models as basic transportation for small business owners. One of those models was the Yeoman. Quite rare, Chevy produced it as a one-year model only. The Yeoman was the baseline Chevrolet station wagon that Chevy produced in two and four-door versions.

Basically, the Yeoman could get any Chevrolet engine as any other full-size model for 1958, but the base power came from a standard straight six with 3.9-liters of displacement. However, since the Yeoman was the base model, the equipment level was low. Yeomans only got two taillights on the back. The Bel Air got four and the Impala got six. That is how you could distinguish them on the street.

Chevrolet made almost 190,000 station wagons that year and only 16,000 Yeomans, which resulted in cancellation of the model. This means that the Yeoman is not only forgotten, but rare today.

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