1. Oldsmobile Toronado 1966-1968

Today’s car enthusiasts may not remember Oldsmobile since they retired the brand in 2000. But back in the 60’s, this company enjoyed a reputation for inventive technology, style and luxury. Oldsmobile represented the cutting edge of GM at one point in time, presenting models far ahead of its time. Olds displayed power and style on the global market. One such infamous Oldsmobile car is the 1966 Toronado.

It was a big, powerful personal luxury coupe with a twist since it was front wheel drive. In those days, only a few imports were front wheel drive while all domestic cars, regardless of the class or engine, were rear wheel drive. However, Oldsmobile wanted to introduce something else and constructed an ingenious FWD system. Designers drew a fantastic looking shape with a low roof and hidden headlights. The power came from a big block 455 V8 with 385 HP.

The Toronado was a success because it introduced superb driving characteristics, which left competitors in the dust. The first two generations were the best, and later, the Toronado was just a Cadillac Eldorado with a different grille. Interestingly, the prices for this gem are not high. For less than $20,000 you can find a 1966 to 68 Toronado that will change your perspective on driving and handling those big American cruisers. This classic GT muscle car will rise in value in next few years.

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