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Luxury At 200 MPH: Today’s Quickest Performance Sedans

Vukasin Herbez November 29, 2019

Performance cars come in various shapes and sizes. If you’re a speed junkie, you probably know that superb driving dynamics are not only in sports and supercars, but also in muscle cars, hot hatches, and even high-powered SUVs. However, one of the best ways to reach insane, prohibited speeds and surprise those Porsche 911 owners is a performance sedan.

These cars are a unique class that combines the power delivery of thoroughbred sports machines with the luxury of premium sedans. That means you can use those cars as your daily commute and as family transport, yet still drive it on weekend track days. Today’s performance sedans are not just insanely fast and capable, but thoroughly usable as well. We broke down the best performing sedans you can buy today. To enjoy the full gallery of top performance sedans, just click on any photo in this article.

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Just How Fast Are Today’s Performance Sedans?

Today’s performance sedans are extremely fast. Thanks to modern technology and developments in engineering and construction, modern performance sedans can rival sports and supercars in acceleration figures and top speeds. Almost all the cars in this class can reach 60 mph in just four seconds or less. The top speeds are around 190 MPH, with most cars managing to go over 200 MPH.

Performance sedans of today can go ballistically fast yet still carry five people and their luggage. Just a few years back, those numbers only applied to high-end supercars million-dollar price tags. Now, you can walk in a dealership and get yourself a machine that is as fast as a Ferrari F50.

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The Secret of Today’s Performance Sedans

Power is not everything, so an insanely powerful engine isn’t enough if they don’t design and engineer the rest of the car accordingly. So, the secret of modern performance sedans is engineering and most of all, drivetrain designs. Regardless of the powerful engines, performance sedans have fascinating drivetrain layouts. Most of them use the competent all-wheel-drive systems that deliver every bit of power to the pavement, resulting in face-melting acceleration and top speed.

Also, advanced transmissions play a significant role in performance. With modern eight or nine-speed gearboxes, performance sedans can have great acceleration and even high top speeds. On top of all that, today’s performance sedans come with advanced suspension components, variable damping, and electronic systems. They help keep everything in check and stabilize the car at triple-digit speeds. Most of the cars in this class are all-wheel drive, but there are still few that are rear-wheel drive.

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The Heart Of Any Performance Car Is Its Engine

With performance sedans, bigger is always better, so there are no limits on displacement or output. The most powerful cars in this class all use forced induction systems, whether turbochargers or superchargers. Although there are still some that use naturally-aspirated engines, they are on the decline. To achieve high horsepower and torque figures, engineers now use forced induction. Since there are no limits, most popular cars in this class produce well over 600 HP, which is insane.

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What About Luxury?

All this talk about power and performance can make you forget about the most essential aspect of the performance sedan market, which is luxury. Even though performance is the main selling point in this segment, all the cars in this class are well-appointed luxury machines that also happen to be fast. Since every performance sedan is a top-of-the-line offering in its model range, customers expect it to come with the highest level of interior comfort and top-notch materials.

Of course, there is the difference between the interior of a Dodge Charger Hellcat and a Mercedes S-Class AMG. However, when you are behind the wheel of either of those models, you will not find any plastic components or cramped interiors.

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