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Muscle To Masterpiece: The Greatest Chevrolet SS Models Ever Made

Vukasin Herbez February 3, 2023

Photo Credit: GM

2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS

Camaro fans were disappointed when Chevrolet decided to retire the nameplate for the 2003 model year. It looked like Mustang had finally won the muscle car battle since the Firebird was gone and the Mustang was the only domestic muscle car on the market at the moment. However, it turned out that Chevrolet was waiting for the right moment to return the Camaro to the market in a redesigned, restyled, and re-engineered form (via Edmunds).

Photo Credit: GM

That moment came in late 2009 when a brand new, fifth-generation Camaro arrived on the eager market. After a few years of showing concept cars and design renderings, Chevrolet was finally ready to present its modern interpretation of the classic Camaro shape. It had a brand-new, highly-advanced chassis and engines. The base engine was a V6. But right from the start, the fifth-generation Camaro buyers had the option of the SS model with a 6.2-liter V8 engine and 426 HP. It made the 2010 Camaro SS one of the fastest domestic cars at the moment. With an advanced chassis and brutal performance, the Camaro SS was far better than the Mustang GT of the same vintage, which helped Chevrolet beat Ford in the sales war.

Photo Credit: Car and Driver

2014 Chevrolet SS

With a 6.2-liter V8, 412 HP, precise steering, and neutral handling, this car rivals Europe’s finest sports sedans. This model is a Holden from Australia rebadged as Chevrolet and fine-tuned for US customers (via Car and Driver).

Photo Credit: Edmunds

Its performance numbers are respectable as a 0 to 60-mph sprint is possible in just 4.7 seconds while the top speed is over 150 mph. The Chevrolet SS is a good proposition for people who need a practical sedan but want a sports car. The styling is elegant and unassuming, which is good since this car can surprise many regular sports models with its performance. The Chevrolet SS is a definite future classic.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

2006 Chevrolet Trailblazer SS

The Trailblazer is quite a common SUV that will not raise any attention from other motorists or police. However, the SS trim comes with a 6.0-liter V8, which produces 400 HP resulting in a serious performance. Most enthusiasts think SS cars were only sedans, coupes, and similar cars, but the SS moniker could be found on pickups and SUVs as we see here (via Car and Driver).

Photo Credit: GM

The good thing about Trailblazer SS is that it looks like any other GM SUV from the period and that it is relatively cheap to acquire. But it is far from an ordinary SUV. Overall, this Trailblazer is a very competent model that can go drive fast and provide a decent amount of value for car fans looking to jump into the Chevrolet waters.

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