Ford Mustang Vs. Chevrolet Camaro: The Biggest Battle of Muscle Car World

By vukasin

For over 50 years, the automotive world had carefully observed one of the biggest car rivalries of all times. No, it is not BMW vs. Mercedes, Lincoln vs. Cadillac or Ferrari vs. Lamborghini. This rivalry is far more fierce and dynamic and it is an ongoing battle between two of the world`s most popular muscle cars – Ford Mustang vs. Chevrolet Camaro.

The main weapons in this war are horsepower, engine displacement, share speed and performance credentials, racing wins and design and for decades Ford and Chevrolet tried their best to introduce better, faster and more beautiful cars. To be perfectly honest, if we look at the production numbers and years spent on the market, Ford is the winner since the Mustang was introduced 3 years before the Camaro and Mustang were produced in more than 10 million examples making it the most successful muscle car in the history. However, Camaro also has few important milestones and Mustang-defeating moments.

Today, we will present to you 10 best Ford Mustangs and 10 best Chevrolet Camaros ever made and let you be the judge in this decade-old automotive conflict. So, let`s go.

1. Ford Mustang 289 HiPo

Most of the market was fascinated when they first saw the Mustang in 1964. Compact and sporty looks, long hood and short deck and a very affordable price seemed unreal. The engine lineup consisted of two six-cylinder and 298 V8 with several power outputs. However, the most interesting was the K-Code.

The K-Code was 289 V8 but with the sporty tune and 271 hp, which was more than enough for a decent performance Mustang fans asked for. With optional GT package which included a stiffer suspension, better equipment and lots of exterior details, 289 HiPo (High Power) was the choice of real car guys. Introduced in 1965 and available until 1967, 289 HiPo was the first Mustang that ran as well as it looked, especially if you ordered it in gorgeous Fastback body style.