1965 Shelby Cobra
via: WWE

24: 1965 Shelby Cobra Replica

Goldberg has spent a fortune on his car collection. But the wrestler is actually very smart with money. One of the cars he has, he actually saved a bit on. In some ways, a replica car is actually a more cost-effective option and you can build it how you want. Goldberg has features like aluminum rims and a rocker hood on his Shelby Cobra replica to give the car a unique look. A chrome roll bar on the back of the roadster protects the driver in a crash.

1965 Shelby Roadster
via: Meccum

Goldberg has admitted he doesn’t like the car because he looks like a clown when seen driving it. For a man of his size, that’s hard to argue against. But aside from its small size there is no denying that the Cobra is a legendary roadster with serious attitude.

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