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25 Classic Cars In Bill Goldberg’s Unbelievable Collection

Cameron EittreimMarch 13, 2020

Silverado SS
via: GM Authority

5: Chevrolet Silverado SS

The Silverado SS was a remarkable pickup truck introduced for the 2003 model year. This was the first performance truck that was offered by GM since the launch of the 454 SS. The truck had some unique quirks to it. The AWD performance coupled with the supercharger made it a hit. The Silverado SS carried on for sometime before it was discontinued. Goldberg owns one of the cleanest examples on the road. Silverado SS

via: GM AuthorityThe modern truck was both comfortable and fun to drive, something that Ford never considered with the single cab Lightning. The Silverado SS that’s owned by Goldberg is a very unique truck. It offers one of the last GM performance engines in a modern and appealing package.

Impala SS Outlaw
via: Hot Rod

4: 1996 Chevrolet Impala SS

The Impala SS needs no introduction. The car was an iconic part of the ’90s, offering some of the most breakthrough performances of that era. The model is the most highly sought-after version of this car because it has the floor shifter. For anyone who appreciates Impalas, the floor shifter is a big part of the revised interior. Then you have the supercharged V8 LT1 engine that Goldberg had upgraded.

Impala SS Factory
via: Automobile Mag

While nothing is over the top with this car it still goes to show that a bond stock Impala is a highly coveted car. The 1995 Chevrolet Impala SS has become a piece of pop culture, and you see these cars pretty much anywhere where a car meet is happening. The notable performance and easy to repair parts make the Impala SS a great bargain when compared to other performance cars of the period.

1994 Ford Mustang Cobra coupe via Car And Driver
1994 Ford Mustang Cobra coupe via Car And Driver

3: 1996 Ford Mustang Cobra

Here is an addition to the other Cobra models Goldberg has in his collection. This name is familiar because the ’90s Cobra was a special edition car that came out after the 5.0 was discontinued. Goldberg has had his Cobra tuned and added special aftermarket wheels. The superstar actually bought this car at the height of his fame. This generation of the Mustang was panned for its looks.

1996 Mustang Cobra
via: Ford

But when you get behind the wheel of this Cobra, you can feel the difference. SVT went all out to make sure that this generation of the Cobra was a suitable car. Goldberg enjoys his model, which is the coupe and not the convertible version. The Ford Mustang Cobra will go down in history as one of the best pony cars.

GMC Typhoon
via: GM Authority

2: GMC Typhoon

Another unique performance car from the ’90s is the GMC Typhoon. This turbocharged sport utility vehicle was the first of its kind. This was long before TrailBlazer SS and the other unique SUV models that have hit the road. The Typhoon came in only two colors and featured a notable interior enhancement over the stock Jimmy. The performance was spectacular even by today’s standards, which is why these cars remain in high demand.

GMC Typhoon
via: GM Authority

The GMC Typhoon has a unique exterior look to it that has remained timeless. The Typhoon that’s owned by Goldberg has a rather unique look to it. The wrestler added some touches, such as aftermarket wheels. The performance of the Typhoon will remain a major selling point for it. These rare turbopowered SUVs will continue to rise in value.

Pontiac Fiero
via: GM

1: Pontiac Fiero

Yes, Goldberg does own a Pontiac Fiero. This was a car that was instrumental in helping GM to redefine the mid-engined vehicle market. The Fiero was a wonderfully fun car to drive, with the exception of its notorious engine fires. Goldberg hasn’t done anything to his factory red example. This Fiero is unique because it was the last year of the car and featured a clean redesign. The Fiero had a good deal of potential but the technology just wasn’t there to perfect the problems.

Pontiac Fiero
via: GM

Still, you’ll see Goldberg take his out on the road from time to time. The Fiero really wasn’t a bad car once you got used to it. But the engine fire debacle shut the car out of the running for most consumers. It was a consequence of rushed engineering that hurt Pontiac to the bitter end. Nevertheless, Goldberg keeps one in his renowned car collection.

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