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Top Celebrities Share Their Classic Cars With The Auto World

Cameron EittreimMarch 11, 2021

Lewis Hamilton's Mustang Shelby GT500 Eleanor
Photo Credit: Motor Trend

2: Lewis Hamilton’s Mustang Shelby GT500 Eleanor

Naturally, if you are the best IndyCar driver in the world, you’re going to have an extensive car collection. Lewis Hamilton takes his collection seriously, and one such car is the GT500 Eleanor that he owns. Nothing about this Mustang is stock and that’s alright because it is a screaming example of a great car. With a beautiful candy paint job, there is no way you’ll miss this car coming down the road. The aftermarket rims stand out from the crowd and the stanced look of the car helps things out.

1969 Mustang, John Wick
Photo Credit: Hot Rod

Don’t just think that this Mustang is only for looks because the Coyote swapped engine makes it a performance powerhouse. Lewis has done a lot to stand out from the crowded sea of drivers on the IndyCar circuit. His Mustang likewise is also an impressive example of what you can do right with a classic car.

Photo Credit: Jay Lenos Garage

1: Joe Rogan’s Corvette C2 Stingray Restomod

Rogan made a name for himself with the hi show Fear Factor, and although he hosts a popular podcast now he still has a love for cars. One of the most notable cars that he owns is Rogan’s Corvette C2 Stingray Restomod. The metal look of the car and the paint job give it that Madd Maxx looks that you’d expect. The rims are very high-end and extremely rare, which in the case of this car do it justice. You’d almost think that this particular Corvette is a giant-sized Hot Wheels car because of the unique look.

Photo Credit: Jay Leno Garage

Rogan has quite the collection of cars but this particular model was a personal project that he wanted to complete. With his friend and co-radio host Adam Corolla, the Corvette came out as one of the most unique models around. You’ll seldom find a vehicle as unique as Rogan’s Corvette C2 Stingray Restomod.

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